2017 is here… and so is influencer marketing.  We were asked yesterday if we think influencer marketing is just a fad that will pass soon.  If you think Facebook is a fad, or Instagram is a fad, then yes.

Here’s the scoop – influencer marketing is here for our foreseeable (marketing) future.  That means while we all think it might go away, it won’t anytime soon.  Influencer help brands.  Brands want to work with them because they know the staying power they have.  They know they can reach a targeted audience in an authentic way – and often times, in a far more affordable way too.

So, Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Make sure influencer marketing is on your 2017 calendar.  (And we would recommend your Q1 calendar!)

We have one surefire prediction for 2017: You will most certainly see more influencer marketing. We’re here to help you.

2017 and Influencer Marketing

2017 and Influencer Marketing

And if you’re an influencer, be sure to sign up here! (Hint – it’s free).    Happy Holidays – Happy New Year!

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