Did that scare you?  Sorry, didn’t mean it to.

But if it did, then that should tell you something about your social media and marketing efforts.   Are you relying heavily on Facebook and calling that a social media campaign?  Are you relying only on Facebook?

If yes, then you need to reassess your marketing plans.  By no means am I suggesting that Facebook is dead or Facebook is leaving planet Earth.  What I’m recommending is that you take a long look at how much you’re putting into Facebook – and what other channels you’re currently growing or  trying to grow.  If you can’t state 2-3 other channels you’re growing or grooming with confidence, then I have bad news:

You’re doing it wrong.

There, I said it.  Let’s be friends again.

The point is – if Facebook disappeared, how would you reach your customers?  Would you have their email addresses?  We find this article from the savvy Kim Garst quite interesting.  She gives you six tips for how to grow your email database through other social channels, primarily Facebook.

What’s important is that you’re trying to grow other channels to reach your customers or guests, such as through email as Garst suggests. Or growing your other social media channels.

It’s fair to say if you have a target audience who is largely using Facebook (and we know who they are!), then it is OK to have it be an important or the most important social media channel for you.  Plus  we know that advertising on Facebook, when done right, can be an effective and affordable tactic.  However you still need to have growth and outreach through other channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc., depending on who your target is.

That also means growth through influencer marketing is another arrow in your quiver.  They can help you grow a particular channel, like Instagram, and reach new audiences.  Notice I didn’t only rely on Facebook there?

Funny how that works.

Use Influencer Marketing as one of the ways to grow other social media channels other than Facebook.

Use Influencer Marketing as one of the ways to grow other social media channels other than Facebook.

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